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NEW Multi-Practitioner Holistic Health Sessions now available Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Personal Development

The School of Light Within The biggest quest for anyone who is faced with a physical or emotional health crisis in life is finding a practitioner who is intuitive enough to not provide the answers, but instead be able to use various tools, techniques and remedies to help the client to find the answers from within to their most relevant questions and concerns. By creating...

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5 Steps to Boost Immunity Naturally Birthing and Raising Healthy Kids / Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Wholistic Nutrition

“How can I strengthen my kids’ immune system?” is probably one of the most commonly asked questions among parents all over the world, especially during cold seasons. I personally had tried dozens of remedies in an effort to prevent my kids from getting nasty lung infections every month or so until I found a solution. Back then I would literally break in cold sweat every time I heard...

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