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NEW Multi-Practitioner Holistic Health Sessions now available Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Personal Development

The School of Light Within The biggest quest for anyone who is faced with a physical or emotional health crisis in life is finding a practitioner who is intuitive enough to not provide the answers, but instead be able to use various tools, techniques and remedies to help the client to find the answers from within to their most relevant questions and concerns. By creating...

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“The New Parenting Bible”on Holistic Parenting Birthing and Raising Healthy Kids / Top 10 Tips of How to Prepare for the Gentle Pregnancy and Birth / Wholistic Nutrition

Today I would like to start with something I must have shared with hundreds of my friends. I was extremely fortunate at the beginning of my pregnancy journey to have come across a book called Well-Adjusted babies by a well-known chiropractor Dr.Jennifer Barham-Floreani (Awarded Women Chiropractor of the Year(WAWA, 2011) and Australian Chiropractor of the Year(2008) and best-selling family health author. It was not by accident that it received a...

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