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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Personal Development

Hi everyone! I am finally back after a few months of intense reflections, learning and applying the newly gained knowledge. And I can’t wait to share my exciting insights with you! As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am currently pursuing a Holistic Councelling and Flower Essence Therapy designation with the Life Academy in Perth, Western Australia which is based around working with 88 Living Flower...

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SOS: My emotions are out of control! Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally

It doesn’t matter if you are stresssed or depressed because – you have been working flat out for weeks, months, years and just feel like screaming at everyone, because you are exhausted, don’t feel your hard work is appreciated and not too sure it is all worth the efforts, but choose to keep it all inside; – you have small children who cry, demand, break things,...

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