SOS: My emotions are out of control! Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally

1345443_91001185It doesn’t matter if you are stresssed or depressed because

– you have been working flat out for weeks, months, years and just feel like screaming at everyone, because you are exhausted, don’t feel your hard work is appreciated and not too sure it is all worth the efforts, but choose to keep it all inside;

– you have small children who cry, demand, break things, fight and scream all the time(or what seems like all the time), so you sometimes also scream at them and get annoyed by everything and everyone else, but that doesn’t help;

– you are just lonely and isolated and don’t feel you belong anywhere for whatever reason and just have no will to do anything, because nothing seems to make you happy;

– of any other reason, but you just feel unwell, unhappy and demotivated.

The truth is, once we are in that burnt-out emotional state, it seems that it will always be like that and there is really no way out of it. Once it’s over, we barely remember that it was that bad. But it’s that feeling of a complete helplessness that a lot of people feel, when they are in the midst of an emotional breakdown experience.

I have been in the situations above and from personal experience know, that it’s not pretty once you are in there.

Despite usually being a quite happy, sociable and positive individual, during those moment I didn’t even enjoy looking at  nature and couldn’t force myself to do yoga, didn’t feel like reading any of my favourite books, playing with my kids or cooking something delicious.  All the things that would usually help me to restore the inner balance just didn’t seem to inspire. It was a feeling of a complete emptiness and isolation inside.

I was lucky enough to have come across a technique that I have been successfully using for a while now. It helped me when nothing else seemed to work.


It’s called “Healing Sounds” and was created by the

Tao Master Mantak Chia (www.mantakchia.cohealing-sounds-mantek-chiam)-

the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System.

It helps to restore the inner balance, to get rid of the negative emotions, and also helps to prevent the accumulation of stress that can cause depression and a whole ray of other diseases.

In fact, it is believed by some that more than 90% of our diseases come from the negative emotions.

Master Mantak Chia writes in his books that the problem is not about experiencing negative emotions. According to him, emotions(positive and negative) are a natural reaction to the outside stimulus.

The goal is to make sure those emotions don’t get stuck inside of our bodies, causing illnesses.

In Tao and other traditional cultures around the world it is believed that the heat from certain emotions get trapped in certain organs.

For example, anger accumulates in liver and gallbladder; the unreleased arrogance, irascibility and cruelty cause heart diseases; deep sadness and depression can lead to lung and respiratory illnesses; while stomach and pancreas store our worries and kidneys contain our fears.

And it doesn’t matter if you no longer experience that particular fear and that you are no longer angry at that particular person. The heat from the negative emotion gets trapped inside the organs and Master Chia advises that the best way to release it is by making these 6 simple sounds on a regular basis.

Anyone can practice it. For small children, a parent can do a corresponding sound, as small children are still very closely connected on emotional level to their parents. So their emotions and diseases are a reflection of their parents’ emotions.

You can just do all 6 sounds one after another (3-18 times each), or just one sound by itself if you are aware of experiencing a certain negative emotion. There is a saying in Tao philosophy that “If you have said the liver sound “shhhhhh”100 times and are still angry, you can punch the person”.

I often do the sounds while doing stuff around the house, cooking, getting kids ready for school, waiting at the playground etc.

We recently started doing the sounds before going to bed together with my 5 year-old daughter and so far it has been a very balancing and bonding experience.



In the shortest form, here is the

Emotion-Sound summary:

– all of the sounds are long, hissing

– focus is on the consonant, not the vowel,

– more directed inwards(for yourself), than outwards for others to hear

– pronounced with an intention to let go of the corresponding emotion

Sadness, Depression, Loneliness: sssssssssssssssssssssss (as in silk)

Fear: chuuuuhhhhhh

Anger: shhhhhhh(as in shake)

Frustration, Irritability: Haaaaaahhhh

 Worry, Self-Pity: WHoooooohhhh

See the video at the end of the article for the demonstration of the correct pronunciation of all of the sounds.


Today, I would like to start with an overview of the sound of the Lungs.

The sound is: SSSSSSSSsssssss (long hissing “s” sound)

Colour: White/Gold

Emotion to release: Sadness, Depression and Self-Pity

Emotion to fill the lungs with instead of the released emotion: Courage and Justice

Version 1: You can simply sit/stand with your back straight and make 3-6 long hissing “sss” sounds, whenever you feel sadness, depression or loneliness. If it is not possible, you can just say the sound as many times as it feels right, while doing other things.

Version 2: Put your palms on your lungs and smile to them, in your mind say how much you are grateful for all the work they do every day 24/7.

After that on inhale, imagine white light filling the lungs, on exhale make the long sound “sss” and imagine all the sadness, depression, grief and loneliness leaving your lungs and your body.

Repeat 3-6 times.

If you have a physical problem associated with the lungs, you can do it as many times as you wish for a deep cleanse and healing.

Version 3:

The full version involves quite a lot of instructions, which can be confusing for beginners. For those who are interested in mastering the full version of the technique, I would like to offer a short video by Mantek Chia. The first one is a short version, the second involves a more detailed explanation and the last one has a Russian translation.


Next time I will be presenting an overview of the Sound of Kidneys that helps us to get rid of the fears in our bodies.

Hope you find this information valuable and use it to help yourself to get yourself out of situations when your emotions take control over your life and health.

Please, share your stories of how healing sounds helped you and other things you do to get yourself out of the moments of depression, anxiety and stress.

Best of Health and Healing,





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