Nourish my Body and Soul session (60min-$75)

Beautiful relaxing and nourishing experience

  • includes 30-min initial diagnostic
  • 30 min foot bath with the Flower Essences/essential oils(chosen through muscle testing)
    to address your main physical concerns in regards to levels of energy, stress, pain
  • application of the remedies to the ear acupoints(if indicated)
  • and a flower meditation/sound healing(optional)


Going Deeper session (90 min-$100)

  • includes a 30-min initial diagnostic, following by
  • a full 1-hour session, focusing on one area of choice (stress, pain, low energy, hormonal
    disbalances, emotional disbalances, relationship problems, nutritional issues, etc.) using a
    combination of intuitively picked by a practitioner tools to prevent the symptoms from
    returning in the long-run, including

    • Multi-Dimensional Medicine
    • Sound Healing
    • Kinesiology (Three-In-One Concepts)
    • Flower Affinity Diagnostic
    • Flower Meditation
    • Colour Meditation
    • Crystal Healing

Super Value Combo (120 min-$150)

  • “Nourish My Body and Soul” ($75 value) session followed
  • by the “Going Deeper” session ($100 value)
  • 30 ml Flower Essence to be taken internally over the course of
    2-4 weeks included($25 value)