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Well, today I just want to write a short post about the website with a lot of free online learning courses from various prestigious universities (83 at the moment) all over the world that I recently discovered. It’s called Coursera.  And although it has been around for a while, not too many people seem to know about it.

It has got free courses of all levels- from beginners to professionals in Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences, Nutrition, Health, Education, Law, Mathematics, Computer Science, Music, Film and Audio and many more. Specializations or mini-degrees are also now available in Business Foundations, Foundations of Teaching for Learning, Neuroscience, Career Readiness and Digital Marketing at a very reasonable price, compared to their offline equivalents.

Some courses have a start date and deadlines for submitting assignments in case you want to receive a certification upon completion. Other are on-demand, which means you can start it any time and take as much time as you want to study the material.

So, it’s a pretty cool resource for anyone with a busy schedule wanting to start a new career, hobby, develop a deeper understanding of a certain subject or simply improve the language skills. Courses are available in a few different languages and most of them have English and foreign subtitles.

Did I mention high-quality online lectures, lecture slides and notes, interactive quizzes and online study groups?

They have recently made it even more user-friendly by creating a phone app, which means you can get some learning done every time you have couple of spare minutes.

So, I thought that was pretty cool and more people should know about it!

Happy learning!


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