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Today, I would like to share some absolutely invaluable information that I came across in my search for answers to my physical and emotional health related issues.

I started studying at LiFE Academy exactly three years ago and since then can not imagine my life without the beautiful Living Flower Essences(

I have successfully used them for myself, my children and my clients to treat stress, low energy, pain, as well as hormonal and mood disbalances.

The beauty of them is that they can be used in bath therapy, by simply adding them to the water, applied topically either to the affected area or to the corresponding to a specific part of the body area on the ear/hands/feet and even taken internally.

The have absolutely no side effects and if chosen correctly, can bring an instant balance of energy, lighten up your mood and may even help to reduce pain and stress.

The issue I come across in my practice is that more often than not, my clients are so stressed and tired  that they find it extremely hard to even focus on what they are thinking, leave along trying to analyse it and let something go.

When for any reason our everyday energy our energy drops so low, we start functioning  in a survival mode. That is when we are most likely to have relationship problems, have a lot of stress in our lives and eventually are very likely to face physical health challenges, as our body can not run on empty fuel tank for a long time. But while we are so stressed, there is usually little or no desire at all to change any thought patterns or try to analyse our own emotions.

It is a bit of a vicious circle, as we get stressed because we have very little energy in our physical body, but that stress leaves us with even less energy. So, unless we resolve the core reason that cause the energy level to be so low in the first place, perspectives are quite grim, to be perfectly honest. More often than not, behind chronic depression, tiredness and immune system disorders there is a big psychological trauma, crisis, shock or another strong emotion.

Flower Essences work in a way that they help the body to restore the vital energy first. And then, having gained back a bit of the essential energy, they make it OK to face and shift through some of the suppressed emotions, like anger or sadness, possibly fears or other blockages like resignment, betrayal and disappointment, which all take an enormous amount of energy, as they usually run at the back of our heads simply all day and night long, suppressed from the conscious parts of our brains.

Because of that, we have put together a “Nourish my Body and Soul” service, where we offer clients either to come to our clinic or to have the session done in a convenience of their own home. It includes a 1 or 2-hour treatment, which consists of a

30-min diagnostic, where you get to express all of your emotional and physical health concerns,

30- min foot bath treatment with the remedies(living flower essences and/or DOTERRA essential oils) of choice to make you feel balanced and relaxed, combined with an application of the remedies to the acupoints on the ear (optional) and a short healing colour/sound healing meditation. Kids are more than welcome to get their feet it as well, if they feel like it.

The second hour can be used to possibly go into one issue of  choice a bit deeper. It can be a chronic pain, stress, low energy, hormonal problems, relationship issues etc. It is totally optional, but it can certainly help to prevent these physical symptoms from returning in the long-run.

We are amazed every time we do the sessions by how gentle the flower essences work and how profound the results sometimes are. Sometimes, even if we allow our bodies to be stress-free for an hour or two, all of a sudden it becomes capable of amazing things.

No matter, what you do, make sure you are not running on “empty fuel tank”. It is not worth it. Maybe, do something that inspires you, maybe go our with a friend, maybe simply go to the beach and get yourself your favourite hot drink or book that little get away you have been thinking for months and maybe even years. It doesn’t have to be radical and expensive.

More than anything it is about getting yourself out of the stressful environment, so that you can look back at it from outside and realise that there is always a solution, no matter how tough it seems.

Best of healing and health,







My name is Marina and this is my blog about my journey as a Mother of three daughters, Holistic Health Practitioner and just an Explorer searching for answers. I am really passionate about empowering people by sharing my insights and findings, as well as guiding people to discovering their inner wisdom and finding the answers to their biggest questions within themselves.

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