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Hi everyone!

I am finally back after a few months of intense reflections, learning and applying the newly gained knowledge. And I can’t wait to share my exciting insights with you!

As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am currently pursuing a Holistic Councelling and Flower Essence Therapy designation with the Life Academy in Perth, Western Australia which is based around working with 88 Living Flower Essences (https://livingessences.com.au/about-us/).

The essences can be used to relieve and manage a wide array of conditions, including stress, pain, low energy/vitality, anxiety, sexual/hormonal disbalances, phobias and many others in adults, kids and animals. They can be made into drops and sprays based on your flower affinity assessment(see below), as well as used in foot baths and applied directly to the ear acupoints.

During the Flower Affinity Assessment(approximately 1.5hr)

you would need to choose an area of life that causes some degree of discomfort, stress, anxiety or even panic. Once a focus area is established, the practitioner puts 88 cards one after another in front of the client. The client puts to the side the ones that he/she feels strong like/dislike feeling towards. Once 10 or less remedies have been identified, the remedies get applied to the point on top of the head to take you through a journey of sensations on the way to resolving the crises in the area of focus and to bring you back to the harmonious and balanced state. If you choose to do so, a remedy is prepared at the end of the consult out of the essences that you picked, that is to be taken every day for the next 6-8 weeks to get the long-term benefits from the essences. https://livingessences.com.au/flower-essence/

Most of the time Flower Affinity Assessment is a very relaxing experience that brings answers and insights, that one needs the most to help with dealing with the initial problematic area of life.IMAG0733[1]

Instead of doing the flower affinity assessment, you have an option of choosing a living flower essences ear acupoint treatment combined with the footbath treatment(also approximately 1.5 hour) to help you relax, let go of all of the unnecessary worries and concerns and simply enjoy the harmonious and peaceful sensations. After the treatment, you can purchase a set of chosen remedies to be able to replicate the treatment at your own convenience at home or you can simply come back when you need the treatment again.

Both of these treatments are also wonderful during pregnancy and postpartum period to help in dealing with various emotional issues and physical discomforts. Certain essences can also be used to help with the birthing process.

Also great during post-operative recovery to bring the body and mind back together, reduce the pain, energise the body and relax the mind.


Please. go to My Sessions to get more information about the sessions I offer and current specials I have.

Best of health and harmony and I am really looking forward to sharing the magic of the Living Flower Essences with you!



My name is Marina and this is my blog about my journey as a Mother of three daughters, Holistic Health Practitioner and just an Explorer searching for answers. I am really passionate about empowering people by sharing my insights and findings, as well as guiding people to discovering their inner wisdom and finding the answers to their biggest questions within themselves.

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