#2: Book a Naturopathic Consult Top 10 Tips of How to Prepare for the Gentle Pregnancy and Birth

Ok, so the second one on this list is going for a Naturopathic Consult to make sure you are not low on any of the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and making sure your system performs at its best, as it will be up for a very big test for the next few years.

Back when we decided to get pregnant, we went for some routine GP test, were told that we were both healthy, I was advised to take a good multivitamin supplement, folic acid and flaxseed oil. Luckily, I came across the Well-Adjusted Babies book which gave me a lot more informative directions than that for pregnancy and birth preparation, but looking back I still think that it wasn’t enough.

I would have done something like a consult with an experienced irridology specialist (word of mouth is the best way of finding a good one), as they can identify everything that goes on in your body just by looking into your eye. and can very effectively prescribe practitioner only supplements that are million times more effective than simple pregnancy multivitamins.

They also advise you about how all of your internal organs are doing. Investing into making sure they all perform at the 100% level is best done before you get pregnant.

The first and main reason for that is that any sort of a detox or cleanse will be inappropriate for the duration of the pregnancy and breastfeeding, which for me ended up being 4,5 years, as I only stopped breastfeeding my 2.5 year old daughter a month before her baby sister was born.

Second, it is thousands times harder to find time and money for investing in your own health once you have kids.

Third, it will make your pregnancy, birth and post-birth period so much easier! The pregnancy is the biggest transformation your body will ever go through. And if you don’t put enough of extra efforts into supporting it before and during the pregnancy, it may take a very long time for it to recover.

Finally, your kids will be so much healthier if you are, during your pregnancy, breastfeeding etc.

It’s ironic that once our children are born, a lot of us tend to focus all of our attention on their need and totally ignore our own, which often leads to vitamins and minerals deficiencies, stress accumulating, hormones getting out of balance. Sleepless nights, endless weeks and non-stop demands don’t make it easier.

So, please, give yourself the biggest favour:

– Have a consultation with a good naturopath before getting pregnant and
– Go for check-ups at least every couple of months during the pregnancy and after giving birth, as routine blood tests only check the iron, b12 and vitamin D levels.
– Book yourself for a nice relaxing full-body massage every month or so during your pregnancy (after the first trimester)
– And a chiro/osteo check also at least every 2-3 months.

It is the best investment you can make for yourself and your children.

As my GP used to say: “Healthy mom=Healthy kids”.

As an idea, we can make a list of wholistic practitioners and contact info all over the world that you went to and the ones that you thought did a pretty good job at it.

Maybe with a short description of how they did the diagnostics and what results you had and contact info?

This way it is not biased and we all can get an idea of what to look for when we are looking for someone to do this sort of diagnostics for us.

I  recently visited one of the Metagenics practitioners in Perth and that was a very interesting learning experience.

Stay healthy and happy!


I am Marinka and this is my blog about self-discovery and self-exploration, my journey of birthing, raising and bringing up healthy kids and my findings and insights after exploring different approaches of healing and nutrition that I have personally experienced along the way.

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