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It’s OK to NOT be OK Birthing and Raising Healthy Kids / Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Personal Development / Top 10 Tips of How to Prepare for the Gentle Pregnancy and Birth

Would like to share something very special and personal today. On May 1, 2010 00:24,  exactly 7 years ago, I became a mom for the first time. Even thinking about it brings tears of joy to my eyes. My first baby is 7 years old today and I feel a really strong urge to share what has been happening in my life since then. At...

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Finding Inner Harmony / Healing Naturally / Personal Development

Hi everyone! I am finally back after a few months of intense reflections, learning and applying the newly gained knowledge. And I can’t wait to share my exciting insights with you! As I briefly mentioned earlier, I am currently pursuing a Holistic Councelling and Flower Essence Therapy designation with the Life Academy in Perth, Western Australia which is based around working with 88 Living Flower...

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coursera Personal Development

Well, today I just want to write a short post about the website with a lot of free online learning courses from various prestigious universities (83 at the moment) all over the world that I recently discovered. It’s called Coursera.  And although it has been around for a while, not too many people seem to know about it. It has got free courses of all levels-...

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